What’s up Wednesday

Hey friends! I’m linking up today answering these questions and sharing what’s up with us lately🙂

What we’re eating this week: All the cozy and comfort food for sure! It’s been cold in Southern Illinois. So Chicken and Noodles, Pork Chops, and a Biscuit and Gravy casserole are just a few that’s on our menu.

What I’m reminiscing about: Spring break! Did I mention it’s been cold here?! We have a random list of trips and fun so we are trying to narrow it down to what we want to do that week. We went on a Spring Break vacation last year and it was the best thing for our spirits after a long winter.

What I’m loving: Kroger Clicklist is at the top of my list. I promise to quit talking about it soon, but it’s amazing🙌🏼

What we’ve been up to: Not a whole lot. To be honest, we are leery of all the sickness out there! So we’ve had lots of game nights, movie nights and maybe some popcorn thrown in too😉

What I’m dreading: Nothing that I can think of?

What I’m working on: Organizing and purging our house. We have a small, older home (with minimal closet space) so things pile up quickly. Why does that always seem like a never ending chore?!

What I’m excited about: Ellie’s grades! The first half of 3rd grade was hard on her. She may always struggle with school, but she is rocking this quarter and it has given her great confidence.

What I’m watching/reading: If you know me then you know reading isn’t my favorite. I will set a goal and start a book and fail. Every single time. It can be a great book, I just get caught up in something else and never get back to reading. However, I am a “reality” TV junkie🤦🏼‍♀️ and ashamed to admit it. Housewives, The Bachelor, you know all the things I have to watch when the kids are in bed😬

What I’m listening to: For King and Country is a family favorite around here🙌🏼

What I’m wearing: Scarves, Coats, Boots pretty much anything to get me through this cold weather.

What I’m doing this weekend: We are taking Ellie to a friends Birthday party. Then maybe taking Avery out for donuts Sunday😊

What I’m looking forward to next month: Valentine’s Day! I think you either love it or hate it. We love it around our house and make it special for the girls, more so than us. We may get each other a small gift some years but that’s about it.

What else is new: I think I’ve covered it all.

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I’ll be back on Friday with a list of favorites🙂

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