Valentine’s Day Traditions

Hey all! A little over a week until Valentine’s day and our girls are excited! I mentioned a couple posts ago that we typically make actual Valentine’s Day a family affair and have a fun dinner, and Brandon buys us all a smaller gift. Some years, we get a date night to ourselves to celebrate Valentine’s Day but we also love to make every holiday super special for our girls. So I’m sharing what we’ve done in the past and hopefully you guys will leave me some fun traditions you do at your house on Feb. 14th also🙂

For the last several years, when the girls go to bed the night before Valentine’s Day we write out on scrapbook paper hearts what we love about each kiddo then hang them on their bedroom door. They love waking up to see these and I think it’s a great reminder about all their great traits. Side note, that awful looking door has now been updated to white😂

I usually try to go to Ellie’s parties at school when we have a sitter for Avery. I know school parties for her will end soon and Averys will be beginning so I’m trying my best to soak up the little moments like that.

We also make a special Valentine’s Day dessert usually. We’ve done chocolate covered pretzels before, or a chocolate bark with red and pink sprinkles is always fun for after dinner. Speaking of dinner, I had read on another blog that their family does breakfast for dinner that evening so I think we might adopt that tradition for our family also🙂

Another new one this year, which is totally random, but I found heart streamers and puff balls and I think I’ll hang them above the dining room table for a extra festive touch. I’m so grateful we have easy (usually) to please girls. They think the smallest little holiday touches are the best and I love that. My prayer is that when they have their own littles one day they will take some of their favorite traditions from our home and continue them in theirs.

And just for fun a throwback…a past Valentines day🙂

So leave me your thoughts please! We are always looking for new traditions to start.

I’ll be back on Friday with a list of favorites and it will hopefully include a finished LEGO box. Then next week, sharing how Brandon and I met and how we keep our relationship strong. Hope you guys have a great Tuesday🙂

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