Tell Me Tuesday.

Hey friends, hope your week is off to a great start! We are busy bees around here this week and next with Brandon’s Birthday, Easter and packing up to head to the mountains soon.

This made me crack up!

Anyone with me?! Grocery shopping to me used to be a terrible chore. I’d rather fold laundry than grocery shop. For real. Then, we got this amazing thing in our area and it has been a game changer🙌🏼

One of our local Walmart’s and Kroger offer pickup and Walmart’s is free all the time.


So I’m going to go thru how I plan/shop and I’m hoping you guys share a bit about your routines also. I realize our plan won’t work for everyone, and also that we spend in gas going to a few different stores, but to us the savings of the stores are worth it and we usually have time to do so.

First, I only actually grocery shop 2 times a month! I’m in a store at least 1-2 times more a week but only for fresh produce, bread, etc. I feel we save this way because it doesn’t allow me time or trips to impulse buy all the extras we don’t need. So I write out the days, usually 15 of them and fill in every dinner even if I know we are going out. We do leftovers for lunch, soups I’ve pre made, or sandwiches if Ellie takes her lunch but for the most part both girls eat lunch at school.

I fill in the blank days and then have the meals laid out. Then I do into the kitchen and see what I need and what I already have. Stocks, chips, Canned goods, I usually have around already. But the things we need go on either an Aldi list or a Walmart list. Since our Walmart Pickup is in a town really close to ours and Aldi is near that I choose one afternoon or evening and run thru Aldi, then have my pickup time scheduled at Walmart. Then we (or I ) come home and un pack it all. And put our menu for the 2 wks on the fridge so the kiddos can see it.

It’s nothing great, but this is our time and money saving way of grocery getting. It works good for our family so far and we’ve been doing it this way for almost a year now.

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  1. I used to do specific meal planning like that before I worked outside the home. Now with teenagers every night is unpredictable. I don’t know how much homework my 15 year old with autism will come home with and my 16 year old announced just last night he has track meets on Tuesday and Thursday. It’s not unusual for My husband to let me know in the afternoon what he’s got to do for the evening and super plans need to be rearranged. (We need to work on communication at our house) My meal planning has become a list of possible meals I can choose from depending on what is going on that evening and a list on the fridge of snacks everyone can choose from. Breakfast is pretty much on your own in our house. 😕 “House of insanity”

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Nicole! I think your house is like most Houses in America. We still have littles so for us in this season we don’t have to manage to many schedules. Although, I’d challenge you on the “House of insanity” part😉 Especially at dinner time around our house, our kids seem to be extra crazy and in full chaos mode😝😬

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