Spring Break Part 2!

I’m back! Blogging overtime this week to get our pictures shared🙂

Day 3 of break started out cold and windy and stayed that way all day. We were not prepared, so we hit the outlet mall for some warmer gear.

We shopped a bit and then headed to The Island with the girls bears. They were excited to hit up build a Bear and get some new clothes for their bears.

Then we rode a few rides before heading inside for some warmth.

After a few rides we had lunch at Paula Deans Family Kitchen. This was probably the most disappointing meal we had while on break. Pretty pricey and nothing tasted like the best we’d ever had. The view though, was the best🙂

We headed for the Wheel after lunch, and we had to make some fun faces. One of us really felt this way, and the other loved it😉

We decided to go back to mini golf because they have an indoor course and heat. We were freezing!

We rode go karts after that and then we may have had The Chocolate Monkey after. They have chocolate covered everything and it’s delicious.

The next day was our last, so we shopped at a few small stores and back to The Island we went. First up was the Christmas Place store and I’m not lying when I say it was all things Christmas. It was so fun and pretty.

How amazing is this? Such a pretty nativity scene.

Our girls had armbands to use at The Island so we got there and rode rides all day basically😂

We had dinner, decided to ride the Wheel one more time, catch a fountain show and head to the hotel to pack up.

This melts my heart. By night 4 Avery just couldn’t hang anymore. Extra late bedtimes, a time difference, and no naps had caught up to her.

Also, we had to stop at the Dolly statue on our way out of town. Our girls are big Dolly fans and they were excited to see this…

I’ll be back on Friday sharing some favorites from this week🙂

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