Hey friends! I’m sharing life lately today so we never forget these times, but let’s be real…we won’t.

Life Lately has been a lot of learning games…

and apparently using the dog as a pillow;) He doesn’t mind one bit.

Life has also included tons more cooking. Now that time has slowed down a bit, these girls have been helping in the kitchen more and this night, it was all clean hands on deck. I feel like I’m running a diner these days. All the meals all day long it seems.

We came across these baby bunnies the other day. They are out of the nest now.

All the outside time we can fit in has been happening lately too.

We’ve been reading lots of books. This is a favorite for Easter.

The girls wanted to make some fun tees. So we did that.

We’ve been working on our Kiwi Crates. Kiwi Crates were a Christmas gift from the grandparents, and they have not disappointed at all! I love that they come every month and that they are always different and a learning experience too. This months are super fun.

I will be back here on Friday. Trying to get routine blogging in even with the new to us chaos around the house.






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