Friday Favorites!

Hey friends! As always I’m linking up today and sharing our favorites from the week. It’s been packed with fun🙂

First, how darling are these earrings?! I can’t choose which ones I like best and my deadline is coming. My sister sells plunder and I am hosting a party currently. If your interested, I’m posting the link below. Plunder earrings

We took the kids on separate “date days” Saturday and it was my turn with Ellie. Brandon had Avery doing some of her favorites(Panda Express, the mall, and shopping for a new puzzle) he didn’t take pictures or I would share those. Ellie had requested Steak N Shake, the mall, and Petco so that’s exactly what we did. Later that evening, we met up at home to get ready for a Sunday School class dinner with friends. Can I tell you guys how long we’ve looked for a tribe of friends in the same stages of life as us?! We prayed for good friends and we have hit the jackpot with our class at church. Don’t quit looking if your discouraged, it took along time for us to feel like we have those people to lift us up, encourage, and support. Our kids all ran and jumped until we made them go home with us😂

I’ve mentioned we have been faithful Olympic game watchers this year and Avery was inspired to make a snowboarder. Last night, we decided last minute to go to The Roadshow concert close to home. Our kids love For King and Country and they were one of the performers there. So after school we did homework, picked up drive thru dinner, and hit the road not telling them where we were headed.

We had a super late night, so know that I’ll be running on all the caffeine today. We typically don’t do much of anything on weeknights, homework, playing, and baths take up just about all of our evening time. This was a fun change from the norm and if the kids got some memories out of it it was well worth being out late for in our opinion.

Hope you guys have a great weekend🙂

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