Happy Tuesday friends! I know with us being home most of the time now, we’ve had the most random stuff come in from Amazon. I thought I’d share what we’ve been priming, and then you guys will maybe share below too. 

Brandons been working from home for almost a month now, and up until two weeks ago he was using the dining room table. We searched for a desk we could repurpose for when he goes back to his work office, and found this desk . It seems like great quality and budget friendly also. 


The Easter bunny did not disappoint when he left this in Averys basket Sunday. She loves purple and jewelry so we didn’t think twice about this sweet bead set. 

bead set

We are puzzle people when we are home for long periods of time. Over Christmas break we tend to do several, but were needing some new ones, and apparently puzzles are all the rage right now! This LEGO puzzle released today (we preordered) and hopefully it’s still in stock as you’re reading if anyones wanting a new puzzle. 

LEGO puzzle

Anyone else crossing home improvement projects off of lists? We are attempting to without being in stores (none of us have been in a store in a month). We are making our backyard space more cozy and comfortable, and these patio lights are just what we needed.

patio lights

 Razors because obviously;) I was needing these before my next Walmart pickup so I grabbed from Amazon. 



This was on a list of top sellers recently, a pencil sharpener😉 We use mechanical pencils, but were needing one for colored pencils. It’s smaller, and electric. 

pencil sharpener

Ellie and I were needing new outdoor shoes. Shoes to slip on and not need socks, and just play shoes in general. I came across these for us. They are super comfy and a great casual around the house option. 

perforated shoes

That’s it for today! Praying you all are staying safe and healthy! 



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