I’m linking up today with Andrea and Erika to share favorites. 

Up first, muffins! It’s been crazy cold and rainy here for what seems like 500 days or so. So mid afternoon muffins were a great way to warm up the house the other day. These are our favorite pumpkin muffins with 3 ingredients. 

Our girls have never actually carved pumpkins. Is that weird? Probably;) But they were younger and then also never seemed that interested in it, so they painted them most years. This year they both wanted to carve and one kid did great with the knife part, while the other loved drilling holes in hers;)  It was a fun way to spend a nasty cold night in. 

Report cards arrived this week for one kid and that was a favorite! Remote learning is just okay. We aren’t huge fans but they do love getting the work done and having extra free time around the house. Some weeks are tougher than others, but these grades proved we are doing our best (all of us) to make it work for us. 

Ok so writing to 75 is not Averys favorite…

I left her writing (riden) her numbers and came back to this note about her feelings on it. 

Hope you have the best weekend! We are laying low for Halloween and may be bringing out the Christmas trees before Monday. 



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