Happy Friday!!! We are so happy it’s the weekend over here!

In true Friday tradition, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika to share some favorites. 

Up first, Thank you guys so much for the Birthday wishes for Ellie! I think she had a great day overall. I’ve mentioned this before, but this girl lives for her birthday to come every year. Loves all the attention that we put on her for the day, just never ever wants you to sing to her;) 

Waking up to balloons everywhere and gifts is always a favorite…

How cute are these popsicle holders? I ordered them from a friend and I have a feeling we will be using them lots in the coming weeks. 

Ok totally random, but we don’t buy Lunchables to often so when I stumbled upon this one, I had to try it as a fast lunch when I’m working or by the pool. It was actually pretty good! I didn’t grab a picture before I tried it so you only get to see the label. Not something I’d want everyday, but for fast it is a good choice. 

Keeping it short this week! Have the best weekend friends! 



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