Happy Friday! Also, Happy Valentines Day! I’m linking up today with NarciAndrea and Erika to share favorites from the week.

First up, we hosted a Galentines party for the girls and some friends last weekend, you can check that out here.

Another favorite of all of ours is Sunday cuddles. We take the day of rest super literal over here and you will typically find our crew in our bed watching movies on a Sunday afternoon.

Another favorite, Ellie hit a million words of reading a couple weeks ago! She’s made it the last couple of years, but never this early in the school year. She loves reading and typically has multiple books with her at a time.

I am in buy spring and summer things over here currently. I was searching for sandals and came across these for a steal! Comes in several colors and sizes but I went with this tan color. I am positive they will be a favorite. They would be great with dresses and shorts and I may grab another pair before summer comes.

And this….Brandon and I were at the store grabbing kid cards for today, and we mutually agreed to skipping cards for each other because they were all cheesy or overpriced. Neither of us are super sentimental and that’s great because I’m not sure the last time we gave each other a card.

Keeping it short today. Have a great weekend friends!


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  1. I agree about the cards. My husband and I hang on to our cards and give them to each other over and over again. We write a new little message, sometimes “Love, me”, give each other the cards, and then I collect them and put them back with our anniversary cards and Mother’s Day/Father’s Day cards. I’ve also heard about people picking out cards in the store, “giving them to each other”, and then putting the cards back and move on throughout the store.
    Have a great weekend!

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