Happy Friday! I’m linking up today with AndreaErika and Narci to share favorites.

First up, a warm car on a snowy or cold morning is a big favorite of ours! Brandon leaves before us every day, but is always the best about starting and de thawing my car for us. We are completely spoiled and also completely ok with it;)

A huge favorite of Averys this week, trying Ballet! She’s been talking for a long time about wanting to do it, and we thought the new year was a great time to get started. We went Monday for a trial run and we are officially signing up Monday, and she is pumped!

A big favorite of the Byars family is a cozy bed on a winter morning. I mean, isn’t that everyones favorite?! We were struggling yesterday morning to get up, and when we did in came these girls for a few more minutes of cozy before the crazy of the day;)

I ordered these gel pens for Valentines day for Ellies cards. We are taping them on a printable. The colors are a favorite and the price for 32 of them you really can’t beat it.

Keeping it short this week, I have work and a kids awards ceremony to get to. Have a great weekend friends!






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