Happy Election Day!! 

I won’t get political on here, because I think there is plenty of that without my opinion;) But, I do hope you all go and vote today if you haven’t already. We went last week, because the thought of a quarantined Election Day made me nervous! We took the girls and showed them the ropes of it. 

We’ve been talking about the election for awhile now at our house. I grew up with a dad who loved politics and to watch the results come in on election nights growing up was a huge deal at our house as a kid. So for me it brings back all the memories of watching with my family, and how exciting my dad always made it. It was never talked about in a negative way growing up and we were always reminded that it’s a privilege to vote, and if your person doesn’t win thats ok you are still respectful and hopeful for a greater America, state, whatever election was happening at that time. 

Brandon has the day off, and so do the kids for the first time ever on election day, so we are off to find some fun for the day, and then will be watching the results come in later tonight. 

Have a great day and GO VOTE!!

Do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself. Matthew 6:34


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