Hey friends! Happy Tuesday from our house!

Brandon has a birthday on Thursday, so I thought I’d take today to share 33 fun facts about him.

They may not all be fun, but facts at least;)

 Side Note: the girls helped with these so some are a bit repetitive;) 

    1. He has a bald head. Just recently he started shaving his head completely. Grateful he doesn’t ask me to cut his hair anymore!
    2. He now works from home, like what a lot of you guys are currently doing. We are adjusting and figuring it out, but he loves it!
    3. He goes to the jail weekly for bible study for the inmates. Not right now, but in the past and when it picks back up he will be back at it.
    4. He got a smoker a few years ago and spends some weekends cooking for us.
    5. His favorite holiday is by far Thanksgiving. Like he gets way traditional about it and we make jokes about how one year we “won’t have turkey” and basically, we will always have a traditional turkey dinner for Thanksgiving because of Brandon Byars.
    6. He’s funny.
    7. He is always riding his bike.
    8. He has 2 middle names, the girls think this is funny? Not totally sure why.
    9. Speaking of 2, he had 2 spleens and when they took one out, they found the other (this is somewhat common seems like)
    10. He is currently teaching a Sunday School class to the college age at our church. They are still meeting every Sunday at the same time via phone conference.
    11. He use to work at the local university pig farm. Through high school and some college.
    12. He also worked at McDonalds. Avery thinks that’s pretty great.
    13. He had never broken a bone until age 26, his hand.
    14. He loves coffee and all things coffee. Usually drinks it black and his favorite brand is Peets.
    15. He spent most of his childhood growing up in Chicago.
    16. He is a great woodworker and has made most of our bigger house furniture.
    17. He’s super patient. And the girls know he’s way more patient than mom;)
    18. He’s tried to play multiple instruments but never been good (his words) currently Ellie and him are working on something on the Uke.
    19. He will order the same thing if we are at a restaurant always. Like any restaurant. He doesn’t need a menu.
    20. He is a website maker. He’s made an App before too.
    21. He drives a 17 year old truck.
    22. He and Avery made the news back in the day, to promote blood drives for a local news channel.
    23. He is currently a App Developer for SIU and loves it.
    24. He likes LEGOs and building them with the kids.
    25. He drives us to all vacations and prefers to. He would rather me be the snack and tablet parent and him drive.
    26. Orange is his favorite color.
    27. He changes socks like 10 times a day. Maybe not 10, but typically 3 or so. It’s weird.
    28. He lived in TN right before we met.
    29. He loves any cajun food.
    30. He is 6’2.
    31. He hates glitter.
    32. He can make a ponytail like any great girl dad.
    33. While self quarantined, he has learned to crochet. Ha! This cracks me up. Basically he was bored and found some yarn and YouTube.

There you go. 33 facts about Brandon. Happy Birthday B!! We love you lots!

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