Yesterday was a tough one for us. We had to put our sweet boy down.

This guy had been with us for almost 13 years (we adopted him when he was around 2 so not really sure on his actual age), and we always called him our wedding gift to ourselves. He was the best!

He loved when it would snow and he would dig his nose in it and run crazy through the yard. 

He also loved to nap. We were talking about this the other day and how really the last few years he’s just been a lazy old man;) 

He really loved our girls though. So so well. They would lay with him, dress him up basically they could do whatever to him and he didn’t mind one bit. 

We know that so many don’t get to love their pet for as long as we have, and we are so grateful for those 13 years. 

 Thanks for loving us Ace. You will be missed by our crew. 

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