Hey Friends! Happy Tuesday! Whew…what a weekend, we are still over here trying to recover from Fathers Day and Ellies birthday.  I thought I’d share what we’ve been Priming the last few months. If you’re like me, these are my favorite posts to read.  Up first… Something really boring. Ha! Brandon takes these  almonds on bike rides and the girls … Read More


Happy Friday!!! It’s a big weekend around here because this girl has a birthday Sunday, which is always extra sweet when it falls on Fathers Day, the day it all began in 2009. Ha! I thought I’d share 11 facts about her today:) -Most importantly, she loves Jesus. This girl is always talking the bible and probably more way more … Read More


Hey friends! I’m hopping on here today to wish an early Happy Fathers Day to Brandon. Because it falls on Ellies Birthday this week, which is extra special to us because it was also fathers day the day she was born;)  Brandon is the best dad! He’s always super intentional about spending time with them, teaching them, and making memories … Read More


Hey friends! Every year we make a bucket list for summer break, this one looks a bit different than years past, but we will take it!  Leave me a comment and let me know whats on your crews to-do list this summer!   


Happy Tuesday! I haven’t shared a weekend top 3 in awhile, but this past one was a great one! The last few months the weekend has looked a lot like our weekdays, so I thought I should document this one.  We started Saturday with some cleaning (super lame ha) but we were super excited to watch the Dragon/Falcon launch by … Read More


Hey friends! Happy Friday! I am linking up today with Andrea and Erika to share some favorites.    Our last days of school were last week (they finished on different days) it’s always a breath of fresh air when school gets out, but this year was a deep breath of fresh air when school got out;)  We put our pool up last … Read More


Hopping on here real quick to thank those who have served and lost their lives fighting for our country. We remember you this weekend. Praying everyone has the best weekend, remembering what matters and those that fought for us. 


Happy Tuesday!  If you’re like our crew, we are not so patiently awaiting summer over here. So anything fruity and pretty colored has us thinking of a poolside summer.  Have you guys seen the instant whipped coffee trend? This first drink is a take on that, but kid friendly.  What you’ll need… 2 tbsp Strawberry Nesquick  4 tbsp whipping cream … Read More


Happy Friday! I’m linking up today  with Andrea  & Erika to share favorites with you guys.  We’ve had some cold and crummy weather this week, yesterday was the first really nice day I think. So this puzzle arriving was a highlight. It is reversible and so so cute. We will be ordering more for sure.  The girls have needed new flooring for awhile, … Read More


Hey friends! I hope your weekend was great! We did a ton of nothing over here, and after spending the last several weekends prior doing yard work it was a nice break.  I’m sharing all things currently over here today.  Currently loving… This! We’ve always kept a scent of Dr. Teals in our house, but this Eucalyptus & Spearmint one takes … Read More