Hey friends! It’s been awhile! Sorry for that, hoping that the blog is finally fixed (huge thanks to Brandon it was a task for him) and I can continue regular scheduled programming ha;)  I’m linking up today with Andrea and Erika to share some favorites, and like you all we’ve been doing everything at home. In Illinois, it’s looking like that won’t … Read More


Happy Tuesday friends! I know with us being home most of the time now, we’ve had the most random stuff come in from Amazon. I thought I’d share what we’ve been priming, and then you guys will maybe share below too.  Brandons been working from home for almost a month now, and up until two weeks ago he was using … Read More


Hey friends! I’m sharing life lately today so we never forget these times, but let’s be real…we won’t. Life Lately has been a lot of learning games… and apparently using the dog as a pillow;) He doesn’t mind one bit. Life has also included tons more cooking. Now that time has slowed down a bit, these girls have been helping … Read More


Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! Easter is coming quick and I realize it’s going to look different for many of us. I went ahead and still did a gift guide, incase your like us and was scrambling for items online. These are all still set to arrive before Easter as of now, but that can always change so be sure to … Read More


Hey friends! Happy Tuesday from our house! Brandon has a birthday on Thursday, so I thought I’d take today to share 33 fun facts about him. They may not all be fun, but facts at least;)  Side Note: the girls helped with these so some are a bit repetitive;)  He has a bald head. Just recently he started shaving his … Read More


Hey friends! I’m linking up today with Andrea to share some favorites, and since we are all pretty much homebound for awhile I thought I’d share some of the ways we’ve been staying busy. First up, we are becoming big YouTube fans around here. We are doing and watching things like Cosmic Kids Yoga Travel With Kids Go Noodle Super Simple Draw … Read More


Happy St. Patricks day! I’m taking a break from all the negative in the world right now and sharing something that put some fun in our day yesterday. For the most part, we are all pretty much homebound for the next 2 weeks or so in attempts to help “flatten the curve” as you can imagine, it’s scary for our … Read More


Hey friends! Hope your week is off to a great start. I thought I’d start a new series this week about all things current around here. Currently Loving… This weather! It looks like this week will be pretty rainy but the temps have been great! We haven’t got much done inside because we’ve been doing all the outside things. Currently … Read More


Happy Friday! Today I’m linking up with Andrea and Narci to share some favorites. The weather this week has been so springy and full of sunshine! We are loving coming home everyday and putting on our “play clothes” to run outside until dinner time. Winter always seems so long and drug out, but I’m pretty sure spring is here and we are crazy happy … Read More


Hey friends! I thought I’d share what I’ve been Priming lately. We are gearing up for a trip or two so I’ve been priming lots of random things I typically wouldn’t. Ha! We keep Clorox Wipes on Subscribe and Save. I typically send some extra to the girls classrooms throughout the winter months. You can never have enough Clorox Wipes;) Ellie & … Read More