Happy Friday!!! It’s a big weekend around here because this girl has a birthday Sunday, which is always extra sweet when it falls on Fathers Day, the day it all began in 2009. Ha!

I thought I’d share 11 facts about her today:)

-Most importantly, she loves Jesus. This girl is always talking the bible and probably more way more knowledgable than me on it. We say all the time we could see her working in ministry of some sort when she’s older. 

-She’s currently loving stop motion animation videos and is usually working on one. 

-She’s worn glasses for a year, but is super excited for her new ones to come in, pictures to follow;)

-She loves to build things Minecraft, LEGOs.

-She has no interest in being “a popular kid”  

-She reads all the time. To the point we have to cut her off and tell her to do something else on a typical day.

-She’s pumped for middle school! Which is exciting and not at the same time depending how this next school year starts out. 

-She plays the Uke and is getting pretty good at it. 

-She is a mermaid at heart. Loves to swim and is always bummed to get out of the water. 

-She loves quality time, and has never been our kid that wants a party but is always requesting just one friend to celebrate her birthday with. 

                                            -She loves dogs. Like a lot.                                                                                     

Happy Birthday Weekend to our sweet Ellie!! We love you lots!!!

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