Happy Tuesday! I thought I’d share a couple fun things we did over the weekend. The weather was amazing and we basically spent most of our time outside. Hoping for more days like those soon.  If you’re like us and have went through crazy amounts of sidewalk chalk by now, we came across a recipe for sidewalk chalk paint. Sidewalk … Read More


Hey friends! Happy Friday! Also, happy May! We are hoping May brings consistent warm weather and many sunny days.  I’m linking up today with Erika and Andrea to share some favorites.  We’ve had the girls crib in storage for 4 years or so because I always knew I wanted to repurpose it. We finally had the time to put into it, and … Read More


Hey friends! I’m sharing life lately today so we never forget these times, but let’s be real…we won’t. Life Lately has been a lot of learning games… and apparently using the dog as a pillow;) He doesn’t mind one bit. Life has also included tons more cooking. Now that time has slowed down a bit, these girls have been helping … Read More


Hey friends! Happy Tuesday from our house! Brandon has a birthday on Thursday, so I thought I’d take today to share 33 fun facts about him. They may not all be fun, but facts at least;)  Side Note: the girls helped with these so some are a bit repetitive;)  He has a bald head. Just recently he started shaving his … Read More


Hey friends! Hope your week is off to a great start. I thought I’d start a new series this week about all things current around here. Currently Loving… This weather! It looks like this week will be pretty rainy but the temps have been great! We haven’t got much done inside because we’ve been doing all the outside things. Currently … Read More


Hey friends! It’s almost the weekend and we are ready for it! I’m linking up today with Andrea, Narci and Erika to share some favorites with you. We had a day this past week where it basically snowed all day. Nothing accumulated, which was a bummer for us, but it made for some snowy hair and a pretty joyful morning:) A good pretty snowfall is … Read More


Happy Friday! Also, Happy Valentines Day! I’m linking up today with Narci, Andrea and Erika to share favorites from the week. First up, we hosted a Galentines party for the girls and some friends last weekend, you can check that out here. Another favorite of all of ours is Sunday cuddles. We take the day of rest super literal over here and you will typically find … Read More


Happy Friday! I’m linking up today with Andrea, Erika and Narci to share favorites. First up, a warm car on a snowy or cold morning is a big favorite of ours! Brandon leaves before us every day, but is always the best about starting and de thawing my car for us. We are completely spoiled and also completely ok with it;) A huge favorite of … Read More


Happy Tuesday friends! We are settling back into a routine over here finally and although we are missing pajama days and the slow mornings, we all function much better with a routine at our house. Today I am sharing some prime finds from the last month or so, and I’m hoping you’ll leave me a comment below and let me … Read More


Hey friends! I haven’t shared a life lately post in awhile, so today is the day;) First up, we spent last Saturday morning “sister shopping” I was on Avery duty and Brandon took Ellie. They picked out gifts for each other. It’s always sweet to be an observer of what they think each other would like present wise. Have you … Read More