Happy Friday! We are so happy we don’t have to remote learn tomorrow, or the next day over here! Ha anyone with me?! I’m linking up today with Erika and Andrea to share some favorites.    Up first, one of my favorite girls, wrote about her favorite earlier this week on the blog. Did you see her post? You can look at … Read More


I asked Ellie a few weeks ago if she’d want to share some book reviews on the blog and she was quick to get to work on it for us! She is our reader, and reads several in a months time, so this may become a monthly or bi monthly post for her.  She wrote out her reviews, and I … Read More


It’s finally Friday!! I’m linking up today with Erika and Andrea to share some favorites.  First up though, I want to say that we remember September 11, 2001. I was in seventh grade and we watched the news all day at school. It was heartbreaking then, and it still is now to think about it 19 years later. May we never forget … Read More


I’m linking up today with Andrea and Erika to share some favorites.  Up first, an updated picture of Bond;) He’s our favorite, but his teething is not.  A few weeks ago Brandons cousin got married in the small town he’s from. Brandon and his parents were talking about the Dairy Mart, so on our way home we stopped for a treat. I … Read More


Happy Tuesday! I thought I’d try something different this week, so I’m starting tee shirt Tuesday. It will be random Tuesdays on the blog, and I’ll offer discounted tees but only the ones posted within that blog post at discounted pricing. Todays are fall themed but we may do a Christmas one, etc.  The Price List… Adult XS-XL Unisex Tee  … Read More